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Nicaragua SHG 2015


Roasted to Full City (225 Deg C) the coffee has medium bright acidity, a caramel sweetness, flavours of orchard fruits and hints of chocolate. As the roast level gets lighter the coffee has a zesty zing of citrus complementing the pear and apple fruits and opens the palate to allow the chocolate hints to emerge. There is a delightfully sweet aroma to the coffee and a slight nuttiness. Like most really good speciality coffees, the coffee displays a complexity of flavours from sip to sip while retaining a wonderful mouthfeel. The natural medium body necessitates a higher roast if you are looking for a full bodied cup.

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We select only Speciality Grade coffee from the very best farmers to provide the worlds finest coffee beans to our customers. All our coffee is fairly traded to ensure sustainable farming and we hand roast every batch to order.


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