When it comes to sustainability, a small amounts of effort, from a large number of people, makes a huge difference.
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We buy top quality coffee green beans, always paying more than Fairtrade pricing. We recognise the importance of Fairtrade in setting minimum levels but, unfortunately, a minimum often translates into a maximum and coffee buyers are reluctant to pay above the Fairtrade price but we want to fairly trade and ensure farmers are compensated for the quality of coffee they produce and for that reason, we seek very high quality coffees and pay accordingly. A few extra pennies on a cup of coffee makes an enormous difference to the farmers and you get a better cup of coffee... so please invest a little bit more in your coffee and help everyone benefit (including you).


We care about the environment and do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We switched from electric to gas roasters when the carbon footprint of our Electricity was 0.35156 Kg CO2 per KwHr and Gas was only 0.17836 Kg CO2 per KwHr (an improvement of 49%). We have now changed our Energy Supplier to a predominantly renewables supplier to cut that by a further 20%.

You can help too, Alan (our founder) switched his residential energy supplier to Octopus Energy, who provide 100% of their Electricity from Renewable Sources and you can carbon offset your Gas usage if you want to minimise your environmental impact further - and he did so at lower prices than he was previously paying for his energy. Alan would like all his friends (that includes you) to benefit, and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint, so if you use Alan's referral, Octopus Energy will credit your account with £50 of FREE renewable energy. To claim your free gift check out the benefits of Octopus Energy with the link below, you can get a no obligation quote - if you decide to sign-up, Octopus Energy will give you a Free Credit of £50 (what a great deal!):


The above offer is subject to the Terms & Conditions of Octopus Energy. Roast-Den Ltd. and Alan are not liable if the offer is not applicable to you, this may be due to supply location or other reasons. Octopus Energy has sole discretion on whether you are applicable for this offer.


With the increasing demand, throughout the world, for online shopping the inevitable issue of packaging arrises. Goods need to be protected during transit but we also need to be mindful of the packaging waste. We have been using Mailable Coffee Pouches for some time now without complaint. Eliminating the outer cardboard packaging on our 200g and 250g packages has greatly reduced the amount of packaging necessary and consequently eliminates the packaging waste. Of course it is nice to get something in a fancy box but at what cost to future generations? So all our packaging is as minimal as we can make it, using recycled cardboard where possible and trying to eliminate the "extra stuffing" that is all too popular with many suppliers. We would like to thank all of our customers for their support in this initiative - you are each helping a little and all helping a lot.


All of our retail, non VAT, business is shipped without a paper invoice copy. We do generate an invoice for each order, and it is stored in our records, we are also happy to supply individual invoices by eMail (on request) but thankfully find 99.99% of our customers do not find it necessary. We really appreciate this because every sheet of paper we save, every page we do not print with ink, saves the environment just a little and we know that doing a lot of just a little will make a difference.