Roast-Den, in association with and Wuntu, bring you an amazing coffee deal...


Buy a 200g bag of exclusive Sumatra Takengong Mandheling coffee beans at the RRP and get a second bag free. That's 2x200g of connoisseur coffee beans for only £11.90 inc. Delivery - which is around 50 cups of the finest coffee, or just £0.24 per cup... WOW!

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This is a stunning coffee from Indonesia and is fully processed by hand. After pulping the coffee cherries, the beans are hand rubbed with sand and left out in the sun, this draws off any remaining mucilage and creates a unique and exclusive taste in the coffee. This process is believed to reduce acidity and enhance body to give it the unmistakable Indonesian coffee profile. For some people this is even better than the famed Kopi Luwak and creates a most beautiful cup of coffee.

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Only £11.90 for 2x200g Exclusive Whole Bean Coffee (incl postage in UK)
with a Wuntu Voucher Code.