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The Roast Den®, Subscription Coffee - Brazil Yellow Icatu Roast-Den &Trade - Great Coffee, Great Prices

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Brazil Yellow Icatu


An utterly amazing coffee the mouthfeel is truly sensational, this is a rich smooth creamy coffee that has a pronounced caramel taste and rich floral overtones. Every mouthful creates a new experience, a symphony of flavours emerge as the coffee swirls in your mouth from orchard fruits to berries, nuts and sweet spices, melons and citrus, they all appear from time to time and the acidity is refined and balanced. This is a coffee that every connoisseur should try at least once in their life. The coffee could stand to be heavily roasted and it would generate a big and bold coffee but much of the charm would be lost so it is recommended to roast between 220 and 230 deg C. At the lower end expect sweetness, citrus and melon, at the higher blueberries and plum.

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