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100% Pure
Jamaican Blue Mountain


A single origin coffee from Jamaica (Blue Mountain)

Plant Varietal(s)

Typica (Blue Mountain Typica is known to have some resistance to coffee berry disease).


Medium Roast (223 Deg C)


Probably the finest coffee in the World, this 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain comes from the top farm on the Blue Mountain Range to provide the maximum mix of mild flavours as the crop slowly ripens at high altitude.
Best savoured as a light to medium roast, where the subtle flavours are at their most abundent, we roast this coffee on the low side of medium (223 Deg C).
Wonderous berry fruit and balanced acidity coupled with hints of citrus, honey, molases and nuts this is a joy and a privilige to consume. Flavours are mild yet intoxicating with no hint of bitterness.

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